Top 8 Lingerie Picks for Your Dad Type

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Have you ever wondered what to get that amazing dad in your life?  You know you want to get him something more than just a “Greatest Dad” mug or a new tie but you just don’t know what to get.  You think to yourself you want to give them something that really shows how much you care but that also fits their dad personality.  What better way to show how much you appreciate the dad in your life than to put on some sexy lingerie and give him a night he won’t forget?  

We’ve listed 8 types of dads and paired up the perfect lingerie for him.  

The Handyman Dad

This type of dad can fix anything as long as he has his trusty tool box.  He builds treehouses in the backyard, fixes leaky sinks, and always has a pocket knife or screwdriver handy.  We recommend the four piece Cami Top Lingerie Set With Ruffled Garter Belt and Stockings.  The sexy outfit comes complete with a garter belt that rivals any tool belt.  The intricate pieces not only look incredible but will keep your Fix-It dad busy trying to take it off.  

4pc Cami Top Lingerie Set With Ruffled Garter Belt and Stockings – One Size – Blackout


The Workaholic Dad

The workaholic dad loves to dedicate his time to success!  He’s the first one at the office in the morning and the last one to leave.  He won’t be caught without his phone so he can stay connected.  He’s hardworking and loves to feel accomplished.  Get this dad’s attention in this three piece Lacy Garter Belt with Bra and Stockings in coral.  He’ll feel like the lucky man he is when he sees you in this intricate but delicate outfit and realizes you’re all his.

3 Pc Lacy Garter Belt Panty With Bra and Stockings – One Size – Twinkle Coral

The Playful Dad

This type of dad loves to have fun!  He’ll jump in and play right along with the kids.  He embraces his inner child and is not embarrassed to join in on the Playground even though he is three times too big for the equipment.  Keep the fun times going with this School Girl Crotchless Fishnet Teddy.  The two of you can play “Recess” in this naughty outfit.

School Girl Crotchless Fishnet Teddy – Black – One Size

The Joker Dad

This is the dad that started out in school as the class clown.  He enjoys making you laugh with his silly dad jokes.  April Fools Day is one of his favorite holidays.  He’s the dad that likes to play practical jokes and may even post them to TikTok for others to enjoy.  Keep the smile on his face with this two piec Zig Zag Net Crop Top and Mini Dress outfit.  You’ll leave him speechless.

2 Pc Zig Zag Net Crop Top and Mini Dress – One Size – Pink

The Coach Dad

This type of dad is actively involved in all things sports.  He loves to give his time to the kids on and off the field.  He may come off as direct and demanding but he gets results.  He has a strategy for winning and pushing to be the best.  Keep him in line with this two piece Bedroom Ref Role-play Teddy set.  You’ll have him strategizing how to get it off you!

2 Pc – Bedroom Ref Roleplay Teddy Set – Onesize – Black

The Absentminded Dad

The absentminded dad is all over the place.  He can’t always remember where he put the snacks, how he dressed the kid, or the date and time of the next birthday party.  He’s a fly by the seat of his pants kind of dad.  He means well but has a lot going on in his mind.  Get his attention in this Strappy Back Lace Teddy.  He won’t have to think too much as he explores every inch of your strappy body.

Strappy Back Lace Teddy – One Size – Black

The Proud/Sentimental Dad

This is the dad that is very proud of every accomplishment his child has from their first step to their first school award.  He thinks his children are the absolute best!  You’ll find him bragging about the latest accomplishment even if there isn’t one.  Nothing can compare to his little angel!  Give him something to brag about in this five piece Rhinestone Bikini Top G-String Garter Skirt set.  He’ll be swearing your his angel…

5 Pc Rhinestone Bikini Top G-String Garter Skirt, Gloves and Stockings – One Size – White

The Geek Dad

The geek dad loves to get involved and dress up as his kids favorite super hero or Star Wars character. You’ll find him with his action figure collection or at the latest Marvel movie in full costume.  Play along with him in this crotchless three piece Bedroom Bunny outfit, you’ll have him begging to play!

3 Pc Bedroom Bunny – One Size – Black

Does the dad in your life not fit into any of these categories? How would you describe him? Which Tongue and Chique lingerie would you select for his pleasure? We would love to hear what you think and how your particle dad reacts to your choice.

Regardless of what kind of dad you’re in a relationship with, there’s a sexy outfit out there for every type.



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