The Privilege to Serve

Two men in suites

Finding the way into Service

For ages we are taught to be polite, be welcoming and assist others in feeling comfort within our homes. Little did I know that this training, could be the release of my sensual, sexual prowess and many, many would come to appreciate the attention to comfort they would receive. 

He’s wearing a nicely fitted button up shirt, white, sleeves now rolled up to just under the elbow, a vest in crimson with black on the back, and a tie to match the same crimson, black slacks and what looks to be shiny, square tip shoes. He’s quite handsome, a very tight fade on the sides and back with dark brown and wavy hair up top, his face was nicely formed and has super neat, clean lines with just a shadow for facial hair. Sun kissed skin with light brown eyes and stern yet welcoming manner. 

“Hello, I’m here to interview for the position posted, we spoke earlier this morning, I was surprised actually that you were available on such short notice.” I say.

He extended his hand; the right side of his lips slightly smile, and he welcomes me in by stepping aside and allowing me through. “Come into the parlor, we shall have a quick chat before the master’s receive you.” As I enter the parlor just off to the right of the foyer which to my surprise was a lengthy hall entrance. Nicely decorated parlor room, nuances of rich dark brown woods, a library with multi-colored books, a chez lounge with dark blue upholstery. “Would you like tea?” I respond, “Please.” With a smile on my face. “It’s a lovely home, from what I see thus far.” He makes conversation, “The master’s love rich colors and low light, they feel it’s more comforting.” With a nod, and still a smile. “Now, on to the questionnaire, what drew you to this position?” as I reply, “It’s definitely, not a post you see often this day in age, and with my experience, I believe I can …” he interrupts, “Moving on, you’ll be in this position that is considered ‘service’, are you comfortable with that?” I state, “Yes, in my previous …” he interrupts again, “Your schedule is no longer fixed on a schedule as you are previously accustomed, will you be able to complete your tasks?” I’ve noticed now, only short answers will work. “Yes.” He waits, shortly, and continues “Hmmm …adaptable and quick, the master’s will expect their clothes ready, clean and pressed, as well as all accessories and scents to match the event being presented, I will instruct you from the background until you are trained, but will not participate in the dressing parlors, my duties are to the home, is this clear?” In the back of my mind, I’m astonished. “Crystal, sir.”

Commander leads but is not the Master

He raises from this chez we’re seated in and instructs me, “Come with me I will show you to the dressing parlors.” We silently make our way up the stairs which are dark hardwood, carpeted only in the center with a somewhat sponge feel to them, black with golden yellow leaves. I like this home much more than I thought. We reach the top of the stairs and head left down a hall of two large doors on the left and three large doors on the right. Looking back to the opposite end, is only one large door. The hall is lightly decorated, low lighting but elegant. 

“Before we continue, I haven’t asked your name, if we’re to communicate, how would you like for me to address you?” his short reply is, “You may call me, Emre.” A moment of pause, “Do not misunderstand, I will be harsh with you, so you do not embarrass yourself and do not embarrass me for allowing you this opportunity.” I only nod and say, “Thank you, I won’t forget.” (I later found out, this means ‘friend’ in Turkish)

He starts to explain to me, about breakfast attire, luncheon attire, afternoon attire, dinner attire and formal dinner attire when it’s just the masters. Moves on to events dress, entertaining dress, theatre dress and so on, it was easily about an hour we spent together. I heard the ring of a bell, and he paused, “your first trial is now, if the masters like you, you may stay.” I hear a door open, a jesting laugh of a man with a somewhat deep voice and one that followed in a laugh, lighter in tone. Two men enter the dressing parlor the first had a piercing look, dark brown eyes and a distinguished full beard of black with some white in it, neatly trimmed to his face, about 5’10 and healthy build, the second was slender yet fit, a bit taller light trimmed beard with light brown hair and what looked like hazel-colored eyes. The first man has a smile on his face but became perplexed. His eyes fixed on me yet speaking to Emre, “Emre, do we have a new valet?” the second man adds, with a smooth even tone that sounds as though honey is being poured with his words. “Emre, you’re a miracle worker to find another so quickly, you will receive compensation.” Emre smiles and gives a slight bow, “Masters, if you will allow me to instruct your new valet today, I will join this dressing, for this occasion” The first man still has his gaze on me, while the second turns to Emre, “wouldn’t have it any other way.” 

They both take a seat, on opposite chairs, both in thick robes, smelling of soap and clean. 

Serving at the will of the Masters

Emre: “You will start with Master Arslan, (Turkish for Lion) and Master Binici (Turkish for Rider or Horseman) will dress after. The occasion for today is formal lunch at the country club. The clothes have been chosen previously, so it won’t be difficult to assist the masters in dress. I will further instruct you after you’ve done.” 

He steps back and allows me to do my work, I give a courteous bow, and begin with socks, he wears argyle that slightly slip, I add the back clasp garter just under his knee and give a slight compression to the back of his calves, give a quick tug to the socks and they are secure, next is underwear, boxer briefs I raise past his legs and to the waist, undo his robe and place it on the seat, and adjust his underwear from behind him and have him turn to me, I reach for his shirt and start with his right arm, secure the at the shoulder, rub along the shoulders and continue to add the left arm from a lower vantage and raise, fold the collar and tug the bottom to get clean lines. All the while, Emre was surprisingly quiet as was Master Binici with a smirk on his face, and now crossed his left leg over the other, his robe almost showing his genitals. Through the mirror I could see, Master Arslan was impressed, yet still composed. Before I start to button his shirt, I use a parfum of Baccarat Rouge 540, and use a drop behind each ear, down his chest and underarms, and one last drop under his belly button, and proceed to button his shirt, we continue to put his trousers on and fasten his shirt tightly in. He goes in front of the looking glass and is pleased, he chooses not to wear a tie, but a fastened scarf, I put his sports jacket on to complete his look and he’s ready, pleased yet composed, he takes his seat, and it’s Master Binici’s turn. It’s here, Emre excuses himself and both the masters allow him to leave. 

30 minutes later both the masters are presented to the world, both pleased in the attire and pleased with the new valet. As they both walk down the stairs, they nod to Emre, Master Arslan whispers to him, pats him on the neck, Master Binici does the same with a large smile and they both step outside and into the town car, opened for them. 

Emre motions for me to come down, I hear footsteps behind me and look, the maid walks into the dressing parlor as I make my way down the stairs. “I apologize for my shortness in behavior earlier, I’ve had a few young fellows come before you, and during the questionnaire,” a pause, “I couldn’t present them to the master’s.” a smile came onto his lips, “come, lets have tea.” I nod and follow. 

Master Binici’s Massage

I woke early, and headed to kitchen for coffee, the house staff was already awake dressed and ready. I looked at myself and turned to find Emre now in front of me. “You are not dressed?” an exasperated expression, “your livery should be on the seat in your room clean and pressed, make sure you are clean and presentable in the dressing parlor for the masters, you have 30 minutes before they wake and another 30 minutes whilst they bathe and get ready for you.” “From now on, you are to bathe in the evening after they both dress down for the evening, and dress before they get ready for breakfast, is … this … clear?” “Crystal.” As I embarrassingly go back to my room to dress. 

I think to myself, apparently out loud, “No events scheduled for this morning, so casual attire … hmmm … apparently today is a ‘free’ day so to speak so only two attires to be ready for, simple enough, no worries Ozan (me the storyteller) today should be simple.” And I grin to myself and walk to the wardrobe. 

Hands massaging man

Master Binici walks into the dressing parlor in stealth, he’s silent with an innocent cheshire grin on his face, I give a turn with some casual dress for him in fact and become cold and frozen in place. “I like the way you keep yourself motivated.” He reaches over and pats me on the neck. “Did I frighten you Ozan?” “Today will be a little different from yesterday, you will set up the massage and beauty room, and give me a massage, Master Arslan will remain in bed and have his meal there.” I nod and head to the room at the end of the hallway, last door on the left, next to the upstairs guest bathroom. 

I set up the room, with soft music, orange and lavender candles and lower the lights in the room, there is a warmer for the oil, and let Master Binici know, its ready. He comes in, disrobes, and lays on the table fully naked, I take a towel and cover his buttocks, but he tells me he prefers to be nude; I comply with the master. He’s a beautiful man, fit body and now his body has scented oil. As my hands begin to glide over his back, I find some tightness on his lower back, he lets out a soft moan and a bit of an aww. His body then goes into a rested manner, as I glide down his lower back and side of his hip. I stay quiet, and gently repositions himself. I continue over his back, long strong strokes, slow and firm, I follow his muscles and give his hips both a glide. I hear a soft “yes, there,” and give a few more strokes. I go off to the side and give massage to his left leg and buttocks, firmly squeezing his inner thighs as I come back up, in the dim lighting he glistens with the oils, that are now taking over my senses. I can’t resist at this point, and I gently come down during one of my upwards strokes, and my lips contact his skin, and my tongue slips onto his legs. The master doesn’t stop me, he moves his hands out of my way, I pull his leg up forming a V shape, and give a few strokes to the front of the leg as well. Master Binici looks over and places a hand behind my head and draws me in to his leg again. My tongue passes over his thigh, my beard grazes his skin and began to feel a chill, his skin got goose bumps. I didn’t let up on the pressure of his leg, but now my teeth started to nibble on the back of his leg and up the glutes. He smell of all of the scented oil. My hand then circles into the inner thigh, and I feel his warm sack, now gyrating while my other hand swiftly and firmly gets hold of his member. He lets out a soft moan again, he’s pulsing into my hands, his hand still behind my head. He turns his body towards me and get some more oil on my hands and massage his other leg, all the while my lips and tongue lick under his belly button. My hands now slip onto his penis, he gyrates as my oiled hands hold him firm, he places his hands over his forehead and moans a little louder now. I place his leg over my shoulder, with my left hand start to massage his shaft, while rubbing my stubble on his inner thigh. His leg pulls me into his pelvis, and I open my lips and start introducing his penis into my mouth, another moan. I keep going until it can’t go in any further. My hands now holding his leg onto my shoulder and the other, repositioning him and lifting both legs. My tongue sticks out and I lick his sack and asshole, he gyrates letting out soft moans, I continue to do this a bit, there was a moment, he tries to slow me down, but wants me to speed up. He bites his left finger, out of breath, throws himself back and pulsates several times, he finishes on himself, and when I reach for a towel, he says softly, “No Ozan, continue the massage like this, you’re doing very well.” 

I start to massage his right leg now, his breathing is calming down, I move onto his calves and feet, and again, another moan, “Ozan, you have confident hands, I’ll definitely inform Master Arslan.” I smile to myself, proud, happy, excited, but calm and collected as this is a massage. I clean my hands with a bit of sanitizer, and re-oil them, I move to massage his hand, arm and shoulder, I place my left hand under his neck and with my right-hand slide onto his chest with just the tips of my fingers. “mmmm, yes, that feels sore but necessary.” I can’t help it, this lighting works to ensnare the senses, I come down and nibble his jaw, still massaging his chest, now rubbing over his nipple and squeezing it. Out of the corner of my eye, I see his erection return, slowly, pulsing, I switch hands and do the same to the left. His moans are better than the music we’re listening to, soft enough for only me to hear. Both of my hands now on his chest, I stand to rub down his abdominals. Almost reaching down to his phallus, I feel a tug at my trousers, unzipping and warms hands pulling them down just enough to expose my member. Then a warm, slightly wet feeling, that made me let out sigh, these hands making me move forwards and backwards at an even pace. My hands gripping onto this beautiful torso and now me, pumping into that warmth, into that wet feeling pressure of my own. I feel warm, increased breaths all over my thighs and glutes and can’t hold on any longer, I try to back away, but the hands bring me further in, I feel my ejaculation with such intensity, but I must control my tone. I pulse, and breath, pulse and breath, pulse, and breath. He allows me to back up and reach for a towel. I clean myself up and clean him as well. “Ozan, we are not done.” He places me on the table face down, I feel that he pours oils on his hands, I hear a few swipes, and then gently positions himself in mounting position, I tense, but allow him entry. Exquisite pain, slowly. He grabs my hip with his right hand and underneath my left arm, comes up to grip my neck. I’m completely submissive to him now, he gyrates slowly at first, makes sure he has control, and proceeds to pound at me from behind, no longer worried about noise, his breathing is intense, on my neck, his grip on my hip tightens, I put my right leg up, and his actions intensifies. He bites the back of my shoulder, all the while I try to maintain quiet, but for him, its to hell with quiet. After a few minutes, his grip on my neck softens, but his bite becomes harder and his breathing is heavy, I feel his virility pulsing inside me. He pushes me down and he lays on top of me, catching his breath. I feel some of his bodies sweat drip onto mine. Orange, Lavender, and male orgasms envelope the room, my senses race. “Ozan, I can tell, (catch a breath) you will make yourself quite at home here, welcome.” 

The day proceeded as scheduled after this encounter. I could only wonder, what the future had in store for me next. 

Servicing for the Master and Commander

After the happenings of my second day with Master Binici, I needed some recovery time, I dressed the masters for their events, and both always gave me pats on the neck, with assuring smiles. Master Arslan, I notice, always gave two pats and a shoulder squeeze, smiles, and turns to continue with his schedule. Master Binici gave two pats and an assuring smile, before moving on. I reorganize the accessories; the scents, make sure that the wardrobes are closed before picking up the robes and heading to the laundry room. I can hear Emre, giving orders to the staff one by one, before I head back from the laundry room into the kitchen for a coffee and biscuit. Today he catches me off guard. “Valet Ozan, tonight you will serve as footman for a private dinner being given in the dining hall, for Baroness Ana Margarita de Castillon, of the extended royal line of the kingdom of Aragon de Espana” I slightly choke, “Footman, for such an important occasion?” his sly reply, “Do not embarrass the masters.” And just like that, the conversation was over. 

After dressing the masters, they both briefly pause before they step out of the dressing parlor. Binici whispers, “Master Arslan, we’ve kept Ozan from service, he’s to be a footman for tonight’s dinner.” Master Arslan turns, “Is this true Ozan?” I smile and slightly bow, “I am to serve as footman, yes, but no master, you have not kept me.” I have plenty of time to change liveries and be on time for dinner tonight with the Baroness.” He nods, “Benici, make sure we allow an extra 15 minutes in entertainment to her grace, the staff should feel a little reprieve for the extra time.” “Thank you Master Arslan and Master Benici, I’ll make my way now.” 

The masters proceed down to the entertainment hall, it’s lively, and ladies can be heard giggling, and men croaking in laughter. I make my way into my room and change garments. I meet the staff in the kitchen, while Emre is announcing the schedule. “Soup and appetizers will be taken up by Ozan and served by myself. Entre will be taken up by Emin and served by Ozan and myself. Desserts will be taken up by Emin and served by myself. Baris, be ready with the wine at each change of course, we will start, Riseling, Chardonnay, refill Chardonnay for tonight’s courses and switch pallets to sweet rose dessert wine, are we all clear?” unanimous reply, “Yes.” 

Dinner was a success, everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves. Last minute parlay amongst the guests and off they go. Emre approaches me, “go and get ready in the dressing parlor no need for change and get ready for the masters to dress down.” “Right away” I feel tired, but this is only the start of my second week, and I have time off in the morning for rest. 

Master Arsian’s Reward

 I walk into the dressing parlor and Master Arslan is sitting in his chair, patiently waiting for me. “Master I apolo…” waves his hand, “No need for formalities, Ozan, lets make this quick and both of us go to bed, yes?” I agree with a nod and proceed to undo his collar buttons, his face is so regal, distinguished, neat and stern and yet somehow gentle as well. He looks down as I start on his shirt’s buttons, he asks, “Are you adjusting well?” “Yes, thank you, I am.” I continue to undress him, in silence. I place his shirt on the rack for laundry, and proceed to have him sit, while I unlace his shoes, and remove them. Lift his trousers leg and remove the garters before his socks. I raise one knee and place his right foot on it and begin to compress his calf and give a bit of a massage to his foot, he closed his eyes and murmured something I didn’t catch. I did the same to his left foot, and his head bobbed back a bit. “Master, you’re tired, I know, but I would like…” he raises himself and I proceed to unbutton the trousers, bring them down and place them on the rack as well. I bring him, his robe he takes it, and throws it on the chair. Takes my hands and places them on his underwear and slowly uses my hands to slip them off. This man has a strong scent of his parfum and some sweat. He motions to a door opposite the wardrobe, “Come with me.” 

I follow the master into a bedroom, decorated in reds, crimsons rich browns and smells of Frankincense and Myrrh. He lays on the bed motions for me to undress, and I start with my buttons each buttons reveals a small part of my skin, and he slowly bounced himself to the edge of the bed. With my shirt now off, he pulled my trousers to him, unbuttoned them and started to nibble at my nipples, and suck on them. Removed my underwear and fervently grab my ass, very different from my other master, but just as exciting if not more so. Instinctually my hands ran up the back of his hair, I gripped and pulled his head back, and kiss him, kick off my shoes, he helps me remove the clothing and quickly places me on the bed, a slow breath comes out of him, it turns into a slow grunt, he spreads my legs with his. Gyrates his movements and positions me with his arms underneath mine and squeezing my sides so I let out a breath. This is another type of submission, a total submission. 

I feel a grip from being my shoulders, a smooth thick beard on my neck, I smell expensive parfum along with scent of slightly sweat on skin, the kind you have to literally have next to your nose to notice. I grip his waist with my thighs and my arms around his neck and shoulders, no choice really this man’s weight pins me down to his liking. His left-hand digs into the bed and appears behind my left shoulder and neck and grips securely, his right-hand grips at my obliques, hitting a sensitive nerve and makes my body shutter and buck to him letting out a bit of yelp. I hear him, “mmmm, you like.” He whispered … and he aggressively squeezes it again, making me weak after a moment and literally say, “Master … please, make me yours and only yours.” He releases his full weight onto my body, “That was always the idea, from now on, your body is for my private use, from here forward, when in these surroundings, and the dressing parlor, you only answer to me, mmm!” I answer, “Yes.” He flips onto his back and brings me on top of him, strongly kisses my lips and pushes me towards his stomach. My mouth took on a mind of it’s own, I couldn’t help it, I grip his legs, go straight into his crotch, the smell of musk and parfum and the wet tip of his dick ready for me to give him a warm welcome into my mouth, he grips the base of his penis, and motions me to open my mouth, and stick my tongue out. I do as he motions, and the salty wet tip of the head goes into my mouth, he brings it back and teases the tip of my tongue with the tip of his dick and again and again before he lets me have my way with bobbing the swollen member now, he throws his hands behind his head and watches while I suck and suck in the dim lighting. We’re both turned on now, he brings me back up to him for a kiss, places his hand on my chest and holds me down, he’s now over me. He reaches for something on top of the nightstand, it smells like an oil of some sort, I feel a swipe on himself and then in between the partition of my ass. His weight holds me down and in goes the member, I yell out and try to push him back. He must be used to this, he grabs my wrists, kisses and bites my neck, rubbing his beard all over my collar bone, but also not stopping his entry. My body tenses, he gets slower, and whispers. “I want to be in before we go.” I calm down now, “Yes.” My breathing becomes a little forced, he’s thick and I can feel it pulsing inside of me, he’s flexing it while he’s inside and starts to gyrate. I’m in pain, but I don’t want him to stop. I now hold him to me while he pumps in and out of me, and forcing me to moan, his arms now move to my lower back and lift me, he’s strong and now he has me suspended off the bed and still pumping into me. I don’t think I’ve ever coupled pain and pleasure in the same sentence, but now it was coupled within me and I want more, more, more! He sees this a few minutes pass by, he lays me back down, grips one of my legs and turns me over onto my belly, his dick finds my hole easily and now goes in, pain again but this time I don’t wince, just moan and allow him to continue pumping his man meat into me. Give the master about five minutes of this position and all I feel is him slapping my ass with his left hand and seriously gripping that same glute with his right hand (left a handprint for days.) He let out an exasperated growl, like a bear before an attack. His movements became slow, groans and growls while still inside me. He lays next to me, spooning me and we both give giggles and laughs. I break the silence, “Master, I never thought to feel in this manner as a man, ever.” “Men are allowed to feel weak at times and we need assurance that it’s alright from a peer … you are now that for me as well.” I smile, “I better get back to my room, so that I may be ready for tomorrow.” He groans, “I’ll allow it, but from now on, be ready at a moments notice, exceptions.” I nod and smile. 

A fantasy story by DZeal

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