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Massage Envy

As a male massage therapist, there is always a stigma and a “higher standard” expected of you. The line to walk in this profession is so thin as a male, because by nature we are visual and instinctual mammals. I for one, have a deep respect for my profession, and I do love to provide a safe environment for my guests, men, women, and all that fall between. I like to have my room scented in either Spearmint, Cinnamon, or Eucalyptus depending on the day. The massage table is set to low heat, so when my guest climbs in under the sheets they are welcomed instantly by comfort. After I enter the room, I make sure to sanitize and scent my hands, because I just like doing it. Once I start I place my hands confidently on the person’s skin, with a slight squeeze and then let them explore the body on the table. An hour or 90 minutes passes by then the massage is concluded.

The person’s body is relaxed and another satisfied customer goes with a smile on their face and another appointment is made before they leave. SCORE!! At any point this is what success looks like in the field of massage therapy and bodywork. I’m often asked, how long have I been in this field? What got me into massage? What do I like about massage and what do I not like about it? Well here is where it’s difficult to answer with the truth. My truthful yet “PC” answer is I’ve been in the massage space for 15 years, I got into it because the world of law was absurd and the placement of a comma, or hyphen makes a difference in your LIE.  What I like about massage is that my guests trust my touch and opinions, and what I don’t like is bad hygiene, because I have to be my cleanest and best self, I would HOPE my guest would have that same respect for me. However, there situations not expressed, because I HAVE to be “professional” at the risk of “breaking the Law” or being thought of as a “prostitute” in my state of practice.

Pheromones Make Men WeakMale Massage

I will share that my greatest difficulty within my profession isn’t when I have an attractive client. I can beat attraction back with a bat or some self whipping to teach myself a lesson. It’s when my guest is on the table and when I place my hands on the body, and that person’s pheromones release into the air and get absorbed by my sense of smell, taking me instantly into my fantasy world with that person. I have to somehow come back to reality and make sure I don’t make any mistakes with how I proceed within that massage.
I have a guest who comes to my office to see me regularly. He’s an ex-military, ARMY, young guy honorably discharged due to a sustained injury. I help him with keeping his body in tip-top shape so he can continue to work out and keep fit. He’s about 5’8”, 170lbs of mostly muscled body, and has a baritone voice that when placed properly can soothe you into sleep. On a few occasions, just while listening to a story of his, I felt myself slipping away and had to catch myself not dozing. Touching his very hydrated muscles, he has strong, taught soft muscles, and at every compression, it’s like a certain smell comes from him that makes me want to bite into him. Pheromones are a dangerous thing in this profession. Our sessions tend to be torture to me, but being a professional, I have to keep composure.

Tempting Touch

There are many times after our sessions when I have to drink cold water and just sit and let my mind play out that scene and catch my breath. The smell of his skin on his traps and back, everywhere I put pressure, his Dove Men soap he uses, his Bulgari Blue cologne, and Right Guard Sport antiperspirant. I notice absolutely everything about that particular session. My lips want to get wet and brush behind his neck, while my nose breathes out behind his ear and my brow touches the back of his head and hair, all the while my hands want to be squeezing and adding pressure to his shoulders and bring his body back into mine. The inside of my mouth waters and my wet tongue wants to lick in between the muscle on his back where his spine is brushing my beard on his bareback and feeling him shiver from my touch. Coming off to his right side pressing on his arm and


giving an elongated stroke of his back and arm, adding a bit more cream and doing it once over again, this time adding more of my body’s pressure and slowing a bit so he can feel a sigh of my breath along with his.

Repeat for his left side and massaging his hands to end my massage on his upper body. When I get to his legs I drape conservative, but having access to his inner thighs and compressing along with his hip and doing a slight pull to release some constrictions, all the while all the scents of his body mixing in together and taking me on that fantasy joyride again, rinse and repeat. I have him turn over so he’s laying on his back now, place a rolled up hot wet towel under his neck and start massaging his chest, which sends a miasma of pheromones, cologne, and antiperspirant directly into my nostrils. I move on to the trunk of his legs, so strong, dense, and heavy, now there is the scent of 


GAIN, his underwear is freshly dried and adds to clean of his body. My tongue wants to glide all over and taste everything within this man’s thighs, and I feel as though my hands are interpreting that, but I have to abstain. I move on to his feet and start to massage with added pressure and all of a sudden I hear his breathing slow, and a slight snore comes through. He’s totally relaxed and at rest.

Lost in a Fantasy

This sleeping man on my table makes me notice things on my body that are completely focused on him, my nipples stand hard, my groin is gyrating, my mouth wants to wrap around his toes, while my hands are still massaging and using less pressure. My final act within this massage, add more mint scent to my hands, some cream, remove the towel and start working on his neck. He comes back to his senses for a moment, and then relaxes his head into my hands … all I can think of is: “please lord don’t make me weak now”.  A gentle squeeze of his nape finishes our session, I’m back to reality. I step out and drink cool water, offer some to him and book our next session. I always look forward to our sessions.
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