Short Story – Naughty College Nights

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Once your real self decides to wake and sees the world for what it is, it can be wonderous or
fearful. Uninhibited minds are both dangerous and adventurous, but only time will give you the

wisdom of all, keep that in mind.
– DZeal


I like cool breezes;

it tosses my blonde hair in the air, and I feel like someone may look in my
direction and have an art-inspired moment. I’ll then brush my hair behind my ear and look in a
particular direction, the sun may hit my face in such a way that my pale skin shines through and
shows off my light green eyes causing someone to become stunned at this picturesque scene. I’m
a nerd, I think to myself, I smile to myself and go back to my task of learning the language of:
Spanish! … it’s so difficult, but I can’t make it look difficult, I must make it look effortless, I’m
now determined dammit. I murmur to myself, “como … se … dice … (withering) mar … marchi
… marchitando.” Oh, wow I did it, “mar-chi-tando, marchitando, marchitando, marchitando, I
got it – HAH!!” as I’m pleased with myself, I catch the eye of a guy walking and in my direction, taking looks left and right as though he’s questioning something.

“Ex-cuse me.” He has an accent, sounds like he could be Latino or Arabic. “Can, you help, plis?”
I get up, “Sure, how can I help you.” He shows me a paper with what looks like a schedule, “I
luuking for Gwilson, building, rrroom 301, Professor-a Tabita Lisette.” I respond as best I can in
Spanish, “Bus-cas quar-to 301 en Wilson building, corr-ecto?” He smiles at me, and it sent a bit
of a dispelling feeling within my body. “JES! Joo speak-eh de espanish?” “Un po-quito,” I say
softly and slowly, “Apren-diendo.” I motion to him, Wilson building is actually in the direction
he came from, about another block back and off to the right from where are now.
Who was this guy? He is definitely handsome, about 5’10 I’d say, wearing a thin turtleneck,
leather jacket, black jeans and nice dress type jacket that can be worn for any occasion. He’s
sharp! His skin wasn’t like what I thought Latino’s would have. Olive to tanned skin, almond
shaped bedroom eyes, and a suave seductive demeanor towards women. He has white skin, like
Europeans would, black hair and hazel eyes that looked a little more confused and debonair and
instead of a killer smile, his smile is more innocent than anything else. That accent though, a little rough, but can definitely tell he’s from over seas somewhere.

I walk into my next class, Business Management first year. I’m not a big fan of amount of
organization that is required for this class, but I can crunch numbers like it’s going out of style,
and I’m taking “Español,” because I would like to go to a Latino country and learn their
economy and practices. Maybe I can bring some of what I learn here with me! Always think
positive Alley! When I sit down and lay my laptop in front of me, I see the guy I helped. I
thought he was going to Wilson Building, why is he here in Lambert? I give a perplexed look
and he catches my look, he excited smile and came over, “HHHello! I am, Marco Romero
Algoquin, is nice to see joo again.” I respond, “Hola (smile) Mucho gusto, may yamo es Alicia
Marie Holcomb.” I realize now … We both have strong accents when trying to accommodate the other in their language. (I internally laugh)

“Alicia …

Dis is a very powerful name in my contree of Espain?” I say, “Oh si? Como?” he
says, “Dis means ‘NOBLE’” and he smiles. “I leave you, for you take class, bye.”
As he goes back behind the teaching podium, and takes a seat, I realize I’m starting to like his
accent and find it charming along with his nature and smile. I look down, smirk and brush the
side of my hair behind my ear. At the time I didn’t know he turned to look at me doing that.
What is it about a girl brushing her hair back brings a guy to pause in somewhat weakness? Why
do they like it so much? It’s literally just bringing something annoying out of your face … owell,
I guess I will never find out. Just as I was about to lose myself in that thought, the Professor
interjects with. “Class for the rest of term, Mr. Algoquin will join us as aid to me, if there are any
questions or situations that you may get stuck on and I can’t answer at that moment, he’s brilliant
in the world of finances, economics and budgeting, he comes to us from Andalucía Spain.” He
pauses for a moment and continues with, “Mr. Algoquin, would you like to personally introduce
yourself?” we all look over and listen attentively, myself especially. He starts off with a quick
“HHHello class, thank you for accepting me…” one of the girls who sits close by extends her
sitting position to stick her butt out, overexpose her breast, flip her hair and whispers loud
enough for me to hear, “God Damn, he can introduce that accented tongue in between my
thighs.” I raise an eyebrow, side eye her, and turn back to see Marco. Bitch!! She said exactly what I was thinking, she just got it first. DAMN HER!!

I will admit, while class was in session, and I was taking notes from Mr. Mueller’s lecture, I
can’t help to have flashes of fantasies pop into my head of having Marco come behind me and
asking me ‘to my surprise’ if I needed help in a whispered baritone voice and being close enough
so that I can smell what cologne he’s wearing, his hand slyly sliding down my back and his other
hand turning my seat to face him personally with a bit of a tension between us, and ultimately
ending in a passionate kiss with me wrapping my arms around his neck and him bring my waist
towards him. My body goes into daydream mode and I stare into space and smile a bit. Just then,
Mr. Mueller exclaims, “Until next class, you are all dismissed, MISS Holcomb, I hope whatever
distracted you during class will be dealt with by next lecture.” That bastard caught me off guard,
“Umm yeah, I mean, yes, sir, sorry I spaced at the end there.” At that moment, I hear a sly
woman’s giggle, and whisper right to my ear, “I bet it was worth the dream, I know that look
anywhere.” She smirks and introduces herself, “I’m Holly Planters, want to go get a coffee
before next lecture?” I reply sarcastically, “Like a date? I haven’t been with a girl yet, but this IS

college after all.” “Pfffft, you’re funny, but NO! this ass is for men only”
“Mr. Algonquin, thank you for assisting Mr. Mueller in lecture, I look forward to next class.”
Holly adds, while squeezing her breasts with her books, “Yes it’s a pleasure to meet your
acquaintance, you’re from Spain is it? Que, Exotico!” Say what now? This bitch knows Spanish
as though she’s spoken it since birth. I want to knock her in the back of the head with my laptop.
“Usted conversa en Espanol?” Holly responds, “Si, me criaron en Las Islas Canarias, tambien de
Espana.” He smiles and extends his hand, and they have a quick conversation. She takes my arm,
and tells him we have to go. I think to myself, yeah, I gotta go to hell because this tramp just one-upped me.

The rest of the day was kind of a blur,

but by next lecture, a couple of days later, I was more
composed, and Holly had taken to us as “friends,” now … More like rivals – bitch!! But you
know what they say, ‘Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer, and your frienemies right
next to you, because they are more dangerous than the rest.’ Or something to that like. We idley
chat while walking into Lambert Building room 103 and sure enough, Marco Romero Algoquin,
a beautiful man, is sitting behind the teaching podium, reviewing a few sheets and has a “libro”
opened and checking back and forth between the two items. Holly breaks me out of the stare,
“Can you imagine his face moving back and forth like that in between your titties? …. I can.” I
get a look of astonishment, “Holy shit, shut up Holly! He could have heard you.” “Yes, but the
comment was about you, so who do you think he’d approach? I’d say you, because your
headlights are currently ON!” she grazes the side of my breast, I squeal, turn and rush to my seat.
I harshly whisper, “Bitch! I’m gonna cast some witchcraft on you, in revenge!” She’s sarcastic,
“Should I get the candles and drip wax on your nips?” I throw my head down, “I hate you,
Holly.” She giggles and laughs. After the start of class and well into the lecture, Marco starts to
walk around the class, Holly and I notice he crouches over to help a male student, then a female
student. I hear the faint sound of a message received on my laptop, it’s Holly. DAMN this school intranet and her having access to me.

“Get on top of that man,

before me or any of these other bitches, you never know girl, more and
more Europeans are becoming gay and we just don’t know it, he might be into Jason Groveton
over there, you saw how he bent over to help him.” Now she’s creating doubt about the future
inseminator of my womb? I write back, “I swear Holly, there are days!” and she writes back,“LOL”

By next lecture, Marco isn’t there. Mr. Mueller writes the subject of Supply and Demand on the
dry-erase board and a page number. I have the book downloaded in my laptop, shouldn’t be hard
to find, just as Prof. Mueller starts the lesson, In comes Marco, kind of out of breath a little
disoriented and trying to slow his breathing and compose himself. “My apologies, I don’t mean to alarm.” I slightly swoon at the accent ladened man.

In my head I start to imagine Marco coming to my room,

after a jog outside, sweat dripping from
his neck and forehead, him taking his shirt off exposing his chest and abdominal muscles. Light
glistening off the sweat and I have to catch myself, drifting in a major swoon. “Bling” a message
pops up, an invitation, to a party, over the weekend. YES!! Finally, something a college
experience NEEDS, I act like I’m not excited, but Holly messages me after. “We’re going right?” I look over at her and give a non-cholent nod.

Over the next few days, Holly and I found the perfect outfits for the party. It’s a white foam
party, of course it is, this is college and guys are absolute pervs wanting to see girls boobs see
through and what better color than white, and here we girls have to giggle and ACT like, “Oh my
gosh, I didn’t know this was gonna happen.” and swoon over those miscreants. Sigh, I’ll play
along. As we walk the couple of blocks to get there, the party is started and we can hear the
music bumpin’ as we come around the corner. Holly is excited and rushes me by my arm. Ok –
I’ll admit, I was kinda freaking with excitement too. We walk in and see people dressed in white,
some guys in khaki shorts and girls in white bikini tops with skank-skirts on (secretly I love this).

I’m wearing a bikini top and bottom in white,

with a low-rise board shorts and see through
camise and Holly is wearing a bikini top and bottom with a clasp-wrap for her hips. Both of us
have silver-ish white make-up on with black eyeliner. NAILED IT – a few guys stare as we walk
in. we head on over to the kitchen area and are offered beer in plastic cups, “ALRIGHT – why
not?” We chug it down like good party girls give a scream and girl giggles and head out to the
back where it’s full of bubbles and people running into each other. Looks like fun!!
“OOOOOH HOLLY, I see tubey-things, maybe with liquor inside let’s have some.” She
responds, “Daaaamn girl, you wanna get white girl wasted off the hop, I’m totally down for
this.” I say, with a sly smile, “Wouldn’t be college without 1 on my record.” We both laugh and
head on over to the Liquor beekers and ask for pink!! Low and behold – Marco – is serving the
drinks. “HHHello again girls, nice to see you again.” Holly makes the first response,
“MMMaaaarcccooooo, nice to see you outside of a classroom, do you like these parties? Do you
have them in Spain?” He smiles, I kinda swoon, “Jes, pero, not so … emm … fancy.” He hands
me a tube, and I take it. “Kay bueno, que estas aqui.” He smiled at me and says, “Guarda un
baile para mi.” I can’t control, it, I blush, I turn all sorts of pink myself and smile back. Holly
smirks and says, “ok, Marco, we’re gonna get wet (suggestively), come find us!!”
Running through the bubbles was fun, grass on feet, bubbles everywhere, people laughing,
finding someone and laughing as you bump into them, House & Techno music playing. We
come out of the bubbles, hair wet, and somewhat soaked, with foam in our hair and us laughing
loudly. Holly whispers into my ear, “He’s looking, take off the camise, and smile at him.” I’m
happy from the drink enough to do this, and smile while I looked at Marco from a distance.
Holly flips her hair and squeals into the air! We laugh and hold hands and go back into the foam.
Jumping and listening to music, we are having a blast. We went to the back of the foam near the
raised cement wall, and we laugh and put our backs to it. Suddenly, a figure surprises us and we
have two more pink tubes in our hands, “Bottoms Up,” I laugh and then a I feel a kiss on my lips.
“Holly what the?” and then I feel pressure come from behind Holly. A larger than a woman’s
hand is places on the side of my face by my ear, Holly slips off to the side and brushes up against Marco, who is now, pushing up against me. “WHAT is in these drinks?”

We move off the side of where the foam is, and have a three-way kiss,

which for some reason, I’m not pulling away from. Holly lips are soft, Marco’s lips are also soft, but move in sync with mine. I’m thinking, oh my gawd … am I really gonna have a 3-way? His hands slip to my waist,
and move around to my back, I touch Holly’s legs, and she touches my neck and ear …
whaaaaat? Why am I letting this happen? I should stop, but noooooo. Holly and Marco feel good
on both sides of me. I feel a firm hand on my breast, while Holly switches to kiss Marco and now
his hand is on my breast and on top of mine, guiding me closer to Holly’s inner and upper thigh.
She let out a sigh, and feel a moan come from Marco. I should stop but I don’t want to. Now I
feel Holly’s hand on my other breast as Marco’s hand slips into my top and gently squeezes my
nipple. “OK guys.” I break the moment, “If we wanna continue this we need to find a place not
so public, these pervs will have a free show.” Holly speaks, I don’t mind, just part of the college
experience.” She smiles, and Marco speaks, “Perhaps … guan of de rrrooms?” I nod.

We find an empty room, go in giggling and lock the door behind us, I can’t help it, I kiss Marco
and start to take off his shirt. Good Lord, just like in my fantasy of him. From behind Holly starts
to unbutton his shorts, he turns around and starts to remove Holly’s top, SHE’s FREAKING
GORGEOUS naked. I push up on Holly and she doesn’t object, as Marco undoes the clasp on
my wrap, and it falls to the floor. Holly places me on the chez lounge and removes my bikini,
and goes in, I gasp, “Holly – shit!” and Marco kisses me and his hands clasp onto my tits, I can
feel his dick poking my back and I bring my hand back to stroke it. He sighed, get up and turn to
him, and I lay back, motion for Holly to get on, and as she does, something ravenous take over
my mouth, I start to lick and suck everything in between her legs, and she just moaned loud, I
now feel Marco’s stubble in between my legs … what’s gotten into us? While he’s licking and
suctioning my pussy, Holly squeezes my boobs and gently gyrates her hips on my lips. I then
feel a sensation, somewhat painful come into my lower back, penetrating in between my legs and
I gasp.

Marco is now inside me,

and all I can do is what Holly is doing to me now Gyrate!
Marco takes control of my waist, and pumps, all I can do is close my knees and arch my back.
Oh wow, is all I can think of, how is it just slipping and sliding, somewhat hurting, but I don’t
want him to stop. After a few minutes, Holly says, “My turn chica.” He pulls out of me and she
pushes him back and proceeds to mount on top of him, while she threw her head back, and
begins to gyrate on him, he motions for me to come over. I do, and get back on top of his face,
the suction from his lips feel like he’s drinking me dry, all I can do squeeze my legs and bounce
onto this man’s face, his stubble feels so good. Marco does some trickery move and puts Holly
on all fours and motions for me to get infront of her and as I do, Holly goes into my legs, while
moaning and panting, this is all to hot. I start to place my hands in there too and masturbate
myself. I give some pants and throw myself back, Marco pulls out of Holly, and I feel hot stuff
land on me. “WOW!!” Holly exclaims … “He’s definitely a keeper.” Marco, Holly and I came
together. What are the odds, all I do, was smile and giggle … “WE DID IT!” and we all laugh while catching our breaths.

It’s been a while since this happened between the three of us, but I can definitely see us doing it
again some time. Until then, I’m glad I shared my story. Makes me more excited for round 9.
(Oh yeah, we did it several more times, after this. Such exciting college moments. I can say, with Holly’s blessing, European Spaniard men are so much fun)

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