Pheromones Enhance Seduction Superpowers – Which Do I Use?

Research studies have shown that pheromones affect our moods and behavior. One of my favorite studies from 2013, entitled “Pheromones and their effect on women’s mood and sexuality,” reviewed the effects of male sweat that, when detected by women, immediately improve their mood, arouses, and illicit sexual response. The male did have to be in the vicinity. You couldn’t just spray the pheromone around and leave the woman in an empty room.  

Another study, “A Putative Human Pheromone, Androstadienone, Increases Cooperation between Men,” found that androstenone increases attraction, influences mood, and raises cortisol levels for social cognition. In addition, the study revealed that pheromone also increased women’s libidos. 

Researchers found that 16 androstene pheromones and one powerful androstadienone pheromone released by men increase women’s desire, focus, response, and attractiveness to males emitting the pheromones. The animal kingdom results of pheromones have been studied since 1959. It’s a fact, Jack – you can smell the potential for sex and enter predator mode. Hot, right? What makes this work?

What Are Pheremones?

Biochemists have confirmed that pheromones affect the people around us and us. Think back to your teenage years and how out of control your hormones were and how sometimes what those hormones transmitted to your brain was either sexual or powerfully enticing to you. Pheromones work the same way because they are neurotransmitters designed to pick up and release sexy scents and can change your behavior and influence your thoughts. There are four types of pheromones: 

  • Releaser – immediate response (primal) correlated with sexual attraction.
  • Primer – longer response correlated with physiology such as ovulation.
  • Signaler – informational such as indicating male or female; and 
  • Modulator – alter bodily functions such as feeling more relaxed.

If you think about it, we use compounds all the time to relax or decrease stress, such as a lavender bath. Pheremones are also to blame for women’ synching up’ menstruation cycles when they live together. Once people found out about how powerful pheromones are and how they work, the natural evolution of things was to bottle it up and tip the odds in our favor of seducing a mate for life, or a mate for right now. Notice that I said seduction – and not love.  

Pheromones do not make someone fall in love with you. Pheremones can get their attention, pique their interest, and get them in the right mindset to appreciate your advances – but this is no guarantee. Pheremones compliment your stunning personality, wit, and charm. Remember, pheromones also work on YOU.

What Do Pheremones Do To Me?

Let’s say you apply a pheromone oil or perfume that you find attractive. This pheromone relaxes you, heightens your mood, and intensifies your focus. As a result, you are more likely to engage in conversation, exude confidence, and dance like no one is watching. This is attractive to several people, and your likelihood of success rises not because they smelled your pheromone – but because YOU did. Sexy, right?! It is a win, win.

Blending pheromones into your daily routine can be beneficial to you. Research shows that people who emit more pheromones have more sex, feel confident, and report themselves as being sexually attractive. In addition, people are drawn to those that exert this persona which increases social engagement.

Pheromones work outside the body, and research through ScienceDirect revealed when pheromone agents were used, women experienced 40% more flirtations, compliments, and conversation and a whopping 74% more sex and intimacy.

The 5 Best Pheromone Products

Pheremone production can be increased by working out regularly. This makes sense since sweat is a significant way to emit pheromones. Exercising also releases toxins and keeps you looking your best. But you don’t want to be a sweaty, hot mess everywhere you go. These products make great alternatives.

Pure Instinct Pheromone Body Spray True Blue 177 ml | 6 Fl Oz

Provocatife Hemp Oil & Pheromone Infused Massage Lotion – 4.2 Fl. Oz. / 125 ml

All Night Long – Pheromone Perfume Oil – 9.2 ml

Flirtatious Pheromone Infused Body Mist

Big Flirt Pheromone Infused Sex Attractant 0.34 Fl. Oz. / 10 ml

Final Word On Pheremones

I have recommended pheromones to countless couples struggling with intimacy. Pheromones can boost confidence or a receptive mindset to explore and communicate needs and desires with a partner. Sometimes it isn’t about attracting something new; sometimes, it is about feeding the flame of desire at home. Relaxing in a bubble bath or enjoying the feeling and scents of massage oil with your lover is a desirable, welcoming place to start. Enjoy the adventure that pheromones can help you embark on.


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