Masturbation: Browser Histories Show Continued Searches for the G-Spot

Have things changed so much that we have lost the G-spot?  Or is the G-spot a made-up thing that doesn’t exist?  According to Google, ‘How Do I Masturbate?’ and ‘Where is the G-Spot?’ are some of the most asked questions AGAIN in 2022.  Relax, ladies and gentlemen, there is most definitely a G-Spot, for BOTH of you.  In this article, I will advise where to find it.  

We have come a long way in sexploration from the clinical sex education you may have received in high school.  The good news is, if you are on this site, you have reached the age of enlightenment, and we can provide guidance and knowledge on how to find and use your superpowers for good…or bad, whichever way your freak flag twists.  When telling a story, it is essential to always start at the beginning and acknowledge how we got here.

A Quickie About Sex Education

Textbook sex education courses were a knee-jerk cultural and political reaction to health concerns to combat rampant venereal diseases.  Youth were instructed to remain morally pure until marriage and refrain from sex and its indecent gateway behaviors, leading to disease and misfortune.  

Sex Education was nothing more than a prevention intervention instead of a real education.  To that degree, not much has changed.  You will not find sexual fulfillment, responsibility, safety measures, etiquette, communication, or empowerment discussed in sex education courses.  However, you may find these topics on Tinder and online in progressive community chats.  It is the lack of sex education that is reflected in Google searches.

Google searches reveal a significant portion of the population is curious about sex, sexual identity, fetishes, and orgasms.  Sexual satisfaction is essential to mental and physical wellness.  Sex is part of the healthy living trilogy, and more should be done to provide credible resources and education.  The political advocacy on this is outside the scope of this article; however, I am always happy to discuss orgasms.

The Elusive Female G-Spot

The G-Spot leads to powerful orgasms and possible female ejaculation.  Read that again.  It’s worth looking into and is found snugly near the back of the pubic bone and front of the cervix following the urethra.  Sizes and positions vary, so there is a learning curve, and you must be willing to get uncomfortable at first.

The trick is to insert your finger about 2 inches into the vagina and bend it into a ‘come hither’ motion, gently rubbing while looking for a ridged (bumpy) small bean between 11 and 1 o’clock. If you are unable to find the G-Spot, there are specific toys that can help you reach it.  Here are the top 3 in my arsenal:

Shegasm 5 Star 10x Tapping G-Spot Vibe With Suction – Teal

Razzle – Ocean – Rechargeable Thumping G-Spot Rabbit

Naughty Bits Lil’ Fucker Mini G-Spot Vibrator

Once you have found it, you may feel like you have to urinate.  That feeling does pass and is replaced with a flood of intense, fiery pleasure.

Female Ejaculation (Squirting)

Having an orgasm by way of the G-Spot is so powerful that female ejaculation is more likely to occur.  Any woman can accomplish this feat with proper stimulation, and the likelihood of success increases if you can control the Pubococcygeus (PC) muscles.  It is a big, glamorous name for the muscles you use when you pee.

Vagina Muscle Control

Identify your PC muscles by cutting off the urine stream when peeing.  Those are your PC muscles.  There are extensive classes in pussy yoga and pelvic floor exercises to help you work those muscles.  If you have ever been pregnant, you are well aware of your kegals (which you just did if you cut off the stream of urine).  There are several benefits to exercising these muscles and having control over these muscles besides increased pleasure and stunning, intense orgasms.  PC exercises:

  • Increase blood flow to genitals
  • Tighten the vagina
  • Prevent incontinence
  • Can enable ejaculation during orgasm

Some toys can assist you in identifying and working these muscles.  My two favorites are:

Kegel Smart

Fantasy for Her Kegel Train-Her Set

The Male G-Spot: Wait, What?!

Yes.  Males have a G-Spot.  Some are more willing to let you tap into this resource than others.  Massaging the Male G-Spot takes finesse and patience for both parties because it is deeper than the females’ and is in the anus.  A latex glove and lube should be ready to massage the prostate gland.

The journey sounds familiar from here.  Lubricate your finger or vibrator, insert, and use the come hither motion while searching for a lump about the size of a walnut.  Once you have found it, tap, rub, and stroke continuing with the come hither motion.  This may be awkward at first, especially since you have another hand and mouth that should be in use.  The Male G-Spot orgasm is a participation sport.  A toy that may help hit the mark is:

Anal Adventures – Platinum – Silicone Vibrating Prostate Massager 03 – Black

Penis PC Strengthening

Just like females can benefit from controlling their muscles, so can males.  One way males can exercise their PC muscles is by placing a dish towel on an erect penis and raising and lowering the towel.  Start at the base, and after ten lifts, move the towel toward the tip and repeat.

Last Word On How to Get More Powerful Orgasms

When it comes to the hunt for the G-Spot, a word of advice, don’t make the mission a priority over having fun on the journey.  It takes time, effort, discipline, excellent communication, and a willingness to go outside of your comfort zone to reap the rewards of an overpowering climax.  Is it worth it?  Oh, yes.  Having an orgasm that you can daydream about and makes you physically shiver all over in just the memory – is worth a little awkwardness.  Happy sexploring!  Have a question for us?  Feel free to email:

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