June Is Hot with Rainbow After Glow of National Sex Day 6/9

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Looking at a June calendar is like watching a slideshow of sex celebrations. Party like a Greek! June celebrates Pride Month and a host of sexy undertones in the cuddly rainbow beach blanket. Summer months are full of dates that should be circled on your calendar to make time for exploration and experiences. Some encounters may raise your eyebrows and leave you feeling naughty with a secret smile you can’t hide.  

June is perfect for lifestyle parties, live-a-little BBQs, and trying new things. My new something is scheduled this weekend, and that will be a different blog (insert secret smile). Tongue & Chique wanted to take this opportunity to make sure you didn’t miss a chance to celebrate a sexy holiday this summer and maybe start a new delicious tradition. We wanted to make sure you were prepared for the rest of the year. So, you can get  our sexy summer to winter calendar [HERE]

June is Adult Sex Education Month

Why the adult in sex education? The adult implies a sex-positive celebration beyond the dry, rigid lessons of adolescent biological birds and bees.   Adulting through June carries the added benefits of exploring your sexuality and getting to know thyself. Find activities to enhance your relationship and help push boundaries or research other lifestyles that interest you.  

Attend a Pride Parade, go to a seedy motel and pretend to meet your partner for the first time, or try watching something new that is interactive with your partner – like Chaturbate or virtual reality. At a minimum, try some sexting sitting across from each other on the couch. Be creative and participate! If you have trouble breaking the ice with your partner, try some [games] or [couples toys]. Try [pheremone bath] or the classic [toys] if you are flying solo. Empower the play; let me tell you why that is important.

Why It’s Important To Participate In Adult Sex Education Month

Adulting is serious business, too serious. We need to be dads, moms, brothers, sisters, caregivers, husbands, wives, significant others, entrepreneurs, and on and on and on. Where do you see the kid in that? You don’t. When was the last time that you had a play date? We flirt with a good time every once in a while before responsibility and obligation shake us out of our fantasy. Humans are meant to play; it is a fact. But, before we play, we must take care of our sexual health. Sexual empowerment and the enjoyment of healthy sex life does not mean the absence of responsibility; it means balancing the schedule.  

It is vital to set aside time to check in with yourself and maintain your sexual, mental, and physical wellness. There is no better time to do so than June. Besides play, it is also an excellent time to make sure your body aligns with all of its functions in good order. Schedule that exam, have your blood tests, and check up on your reproductive health. Taking care of yourself and acting responsibly is essential for the peace of mind to embrace a play mindset and immerse yourself in fantasy. Sexual wellness comes with significant mental and physical benefits, such as lowered stress and blood pressure to name a few. June is the time to educate yourself.

Why Does June Make Me Randy?

Maybe it has to do with the sun kissing our skin and the fact that we need less clothing, or perhaps the plentiful ice cream cone licking or popsicle sucking coaxes our oral fixations out of hiding. Bottom line, things don’t shrivel in warm weather, and sexy swimsuits get the blood pumping. Psychologists have latched on to human beings’ annual cycles and mating rituals, and, unsurprisingly, June is a peak month in human mating season. The other month is December – it must be all the nostalgia of doing it in our old rooms at a parents’ house during the holidays.

Michael Castleman at Psychology Today pointed out some interesting findings (ooooh-la la)!:

  • Studies of birth records consistently show that more children are conceived during summer and winter than during spring and fall.

  • Condom sales rise and fall seasonally, with the largest proportion of sales in summer and winter.

  • Surveys of virginity loss consistently show two seasonal peaks for first intercourse—one in May/June, the other in December.

  • Sexually transmitted infections also show cyclic variation, with the greatest number of diagnoses occurring in summer and around Christmas.

Oddly, there hasn’t been enough research to unanimously declare a major as to why humans observe these patterns. However, I think it is because we announced June a sex month, a Pride month, and a month with a National Sex Day, June 9th – YES, 69!

National Sex Day Is June 9th!

Clever, isn’t it? I love everything about this holiday. The number 69 was brought to you by way of the Kamasutra; bless that book. The day pays homage to the act of sexploration, tugging muffins, horizontal tango, hooking up, bumping uglies, and several other delightfully descriptive ways to say – engaging in sexual relations. I wish I could use emojis here. Talking about it is half as much fun as doing it.  

The day emphasizes the pleasure of being with someone and crossing the point of no return where the world melts in the background (le sigh). Or you get all savage with it and can’t look each other in the eye for a while – those are the best of times. Any way you want to celebrate as long as you connect with someone is perfectly acceptable – if you are a little nervous, start working out those kegel muscles this week! Have fun and be safe!

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