A Journey from Swingers to Exclusive Polyamory

Interview: A Journey from Swingers to Exclusive Polyamory

Summary: Crys interviews a poly couple and explores the challenges and benefits of the lifestyle, their origins, solid advice for newcomers, and valuable resources for those who are curious

  • Average American married couple of 18 years and in alternative lifestyles for 17
  • Origin stories: How did it all start
  • Communication is the key to the spice of life
  • Breaks are needed: Everything is good in moderation and gives you the bandwidth to regroup
  • What swinger encounters and poly dating look like
  • There are different swingers: Soft swap, full swap – the level depends on the couple.
  • How we became exclusively polyamorous
  • Growing pains in any relationship, but it strengthens the couple and builds friendship, trust, respect, and love
  • Who handles overly aggressive advances?
  • What are the club rules or lifestyle party rules?
  • Are there single men and single women (unicorn) swingers?
  • How do you set boundaries and say no?
  • Reasons why people join the lifestyle vary from being married to young and wanting to explore or being bicurious, or even the wrong reason like trying to fix a marriage
  • Know your intent going in, and your marriage and poly relationships will be strong.
  • Some tools to get you started are apps like LL (Lifestyle Lounge); SLS; 3fun; Kasidie
  • How do you maintain a poly relationship?
  • Advice for new couples: it is all about communication and being vulnerable
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