Navigating Toxic Divorce & Healing

Key Takeaways

*Fuck cancer

*Divorce can cause PTSD

*Never stop fighting for your kids; it’s required from birth

*CoParent is such an accurate description; there is a contract from conception

*Clean slate vs. Doormat

*Clearing your headspace is crucial

*DISENGAGE (read that again)

*Defense becomes a participation sport

*Divorce should be 50/50 equal custody

*Resources are needed for guidance in divorce #CoParentTeam

*CoParent 411 Resource: Reality check, Empowerment, Financial thriftiness

*Toxic can stew in silence, talk to each other – or to someone


Reference Links

Garret’s website:

Garret’s LinkedIn:

FaceBook Group (Co-Parenting with a new Mindset)

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