Deborah Driggs: Playboy to Powerhouse Fempreneur

Summary Don’t think you can change the trajectory of your life? Deborah Driggs reveals the secrets to doing just that. Deborah provides insight on how she flipped the script and shares the trials and tribulations of her journey from Playboy bunny to powerhouse entrepreneur. Special Guest Deborah Driggs – Accomplished author, Playboy bunny, fempreneur, sales […]

Being Bad at Love: Toxic Relationships

Key Takeaways *Toxic relationships create waves that last a lifetime *What you believe becomes your reality *Listen to your red flags – they show the way to break the pattern *What is your peace & sanity worth? *You marry your spouse’s Exes and drama *When do you wake up? *Inner work is a job with […]

Navigating Toxic Divorce & Healing

Key Takeaways *Fuck cancer *Divorce can cause PTSD *Never stop fighting for your kids; it’s required from birth *CoParent is such an accurate description; there is a contract from conception *Clean slate vs. Doormat *Clearing your headspace is crucial *DISENGAGE (read that again) *Defense becomes a participation sport *Divorce should be 50/50 equal custody *Resources […]

How To Increase Sexual Energy & Intimacy

Special Guest Kerri Cust – Self-love & Intimacy Coach Key Takeaways *Juicy passion is a requirement – tap into it *Clean up relationship messes & scratch your itch *Yoga tripped Kerri into a tantric community #happyaccident *Devine pleasure goddess -> that’s just h-a-w-t *Be engaged in your choices *Ask yourself the hard questions to invite […]

A Journey from Swingers to Exclusive Polyamory

Interview: A Journey from Swingers to Exclusive Polyamory Summary: Crys interviews a poly couple and explores the challenges and benefits of the lifestyle, their origins, solid advice for newcomers, and valuable resources for those who are curious Average American married couple of 18 years and in alternative lifestyles for 17 Origin stories: How did it […]

Open Marriage 101

Guest Episode 1: Sex & Open Marriage 101 Tongue & Chique: Summary Join us as we discuss the bizarre, comedic history of sex beliefs and Beth reveals what it is like to evolve from traditional to open marriage. Special Guest Beth from Montana – Our girl next door is in an open marriage. Time […]