Short Story – Naughty College Nights

Couple grasping hands in bed

INTRODUCING ME PLEASED TO MAKE YOUR ACQUAINTANCE Once your real self decides to wake and sees the world for what it is, it can be wonderous or fearful. Uninhibited minds are both dangerous and adventurous, but only time will give you the wisdom of all, keep that in mind. – DZeal   I like cool […]

Erotic Sex Fantasy Short Story

Sexy wet legs on a car

I was only 18 When I received a naughty love letter from my boyfriend whom I’d never touched before.  We were both full of hormones and ready to experience all each other had to offer, however we were young, innocent and a bit nervous.  In order to express his desires, he wrote me this naughty […]

BDSM & Mindfulness Unlock The Door To Heightened Sexual Satisfaction

A quiet mind, heightened senses, and intense situational awareness can evoke an earth-shattering sexual experience.  What would you say if I told you that you could channel that experience whenever and wherever you wanted as if you were reliving it?   One word – HOW?  Most of us are equipped with horrible demon inner monologues making […]

Boys’ Night Is Vital To Men’s Health & Wellness: Invest In A Bromance

Saturday Night Live featured a spoof about the lack of male friendships and socialization in Man Park that highlighted men’s challenges in male bonding.  Although it was a bit exaggerated, there is truth in the scenario.  The skit has had over 4 million views on YouTube and is brimming with comments of males relating to […]

Pheromones Enhance Seduction Superpowers – Which Do I Use?

Research studies have shown that pheromones affect our moods and behavior. One of my favorite studies from 2013, entitled “Pheromones and their effect on women’s mood and sexuality,” reviewed the effects of male sweat that, when detected by women, immediately improve their mood, arouses, and illicit sexual response. The male did have to be in […]

Sex Coaching Is A Thing? Do I Need It?

The answer is an enthusiastic YES!  Sex coaching is a thing, and there are many different kinds of “sex” coaching.  Knowing what a sex coach is – and isn’t – will help you understand if you need one or not.  It isn’t uncommon for people to ask, “What do you do?” and I include Certified […]

Sex Dolls Are Out Of the Dollhouse


Blow-up girls with statuesque O faces have been a staple at bachelor parties for as long as I can remember.  The skintastic sex dolls we see today have better wardrobes than I do and have come a long way from the wrong end of a bad joke.  Some dolls have been exalted to life partner […]

Masturbation: Browser Histories Show Continued Searches for the G-Spot

Have things changed so much that we have lost the G-spot?  Or is the G-spot a made-up thing that doesn’t exist?  According to Google, ‘How Do I Masturbate?’ and ‘Where is the G-Spot?’ are some of the most asked questions AGAIN in 2022.  Relax, ladies and gentlemen, there is most definitely a G-Spot, for BOTH […]

Top 5 Strapless Strap-Ons

Two women locked in an embrace

The 5 top rated strapless strap-ons as reviewed by the professionals at Tongue & Chique. So you’ve decided to use a Strapless Strap-On in the bedroom with your partner.  You’ve done your research (or heard amazing things) and you’ve decided to see what the hype is about but how do you choose the right toy […]

Relationship Contracts & Why You Need One

What is a relationship contract? First, let’s be clear that most relationship contracts are not legally binding.  Relationship contracts begin as visual representations of expectations we already have psychologically (in our heads).  Creating a relationship contract helps you and your partner communicate needs and expectations.  There are contracts to protect money, boundaries, business, sovereignty, and […]

The Privilege to Serve

Two men in suites

Finding the way into Service For ages we are taught to be polite, be welcoming and assist others in feeling comfort within our homes. Little did I know that this training, could be the release of my sensual, sexual prowess and many, many would come to appreciate the attention to comfort they would receive.  He’s […]

Top 8 Lingerie Picks for Your Dad Type

Shirtless man and sexy woman having breakfast

Have you ever wondered what to get that amazing dad in your life?  You know you want to get him something more than just a “Greatest Dad” mug or a new tie but you just don’t know what to get.  You think to yourself you want to give them something that really shows how much […]